Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lantau island: Ngong Ping (Big Budha)- 昂坪 to Tung Chung-東涌

(Updated 2018-APR-02)
8k, 3 hours

6/10. Downhill pretty much all the way. However, there are zillions of steps and it will be a good workout. I'd say it's not for people that are totally unfit.

Cel phone coverage: Full

Water needs: 0.75 liter

Appreciation: 8/10. Nice views on a clear day. Big Budha. Monastery.

Exercise Area:

Transportion: Bus 23 from Tung Chung MTR, or cable car. Return via Tung Chung MTR.


Why it's worth it:

When you arrive at Tung Chung via MTR, get out at Exit B. Go around the left of the building facing you.
Bus 23 is in the back of the building. There should be quite a few people taking it.
For bus schedule details, go to the extremely useful government PTES web site: http://ptes.td.gov.hk/index.php?golang=EN

After a 35 or so minutes bus ride, you will arrive at Ngong Ping. Take some time to visit the Budha, the monastery and everything else you feel like. Quite touristy. Once you are ready to hike down. You will need to get through the "village" and towards the cable car station.

Go through the village. Right before the cable car station, take the steps on your right between the buildings (there's a big Ngong Ping sing). Then cross the bridge on your right. The path will be right there (there's a map and fire-extinguishing brooms). Can't really miss it. There might be a few cows wandering about...
 The trail head. It's paved most of the trail

After a few minutes walk, you'll get to this  fork where there's signage warning you about not going through.
That's the rescue trail proper and it goes nowhere.
Take the path on the right marked with the yellow 'Lantau Trail' sign

About 7-8 minutes in, there will be a path going up. Don't take it, keep going straight.

When in view of pylon #6, climb towards it. Don't take the path on the right.

Steps can be very steep. Be careful.

At this point, you will be break from following the cable car's path (it goes over water). You will get a nice view of the path ahead. My indications roughly highlight the way towards Tung Chung. Note that you are now about 2 hours in. Still one hour to go!

End of the trail, head right

Head left here
Head right at the next fork, then up the stairs

Head left after the stairs

Don't take the first pedestrian overpass, just walk along on the left

Velly pletty!

Do take the second footbridge. It goes over the road.

Eventually, you'll reach the pedestrian tunnel. Go down, then right (follow the big arrow!).
Then left as you exit the tunnel. You'll sign signs for the MTR

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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!