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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lantau island: Ngong Ping (Big Buddha) to Tung Chung

Duration: About a 3 hours walk.
Difficulty: Downhill pretty much all the way. However, there are zillions of steps and it will be a good workout. I'd say it's not for people totally unfit.
Appreciation: 7/10, some nice views but you have to go on a clear day.
Transportation: http://ptes.td.gov.hk
Why it's worth it: Big Buddha, Monastery, some nice views.

Best way is to get to Tung Chung via MTR. Get out at Exit B. You can then follow the red arrows on the map below and take the cable car to Ngong Ping (~$80 HKD one way) or take the bus. I think the bus is a better choice as it is both cheaper (~$26) and you get to see some more of Lantau (Tong Fuk beach seems nice). Anyhow, take bus 23, the blue dot on the map.

 For schedule details, go to the extremely useful government PTES web site: http://ptes.td.gov.hk/routesearch.aspx
 After a 35 or so minutes bus ride, you will arrive at Ngong Ping. Take some time to visit the Buddha, the monastery and everything else you feel like. Quite touristy. Once you are ready to hike down. You will need to get through the "village" and towards the cable car station.

 There, it's pretty easy; take the path to the right of the Ngong Ping sign, the trail starts behind the row of white houses. There may be a few cows.

 The trail head. It's paved for a large part of the trail. You'll get to a fork where there's signage warning you about not going through. That's the rescue trail proper and it goes nowhere. Take the  path on the right instead.

About 7-8 minutes in, there will be a path going up. Don't take it, keep going straight.

When in view of pylon #6, climb towards it. Don't take the path on the right.

Steps can be very steep. Be careful.

At this point, you will be break from following the cable car path (it does over water). You will get a nice view of the path ahead. My indications roughly highlights the way towards Tung Chung. Note that you are now about 2 hours in. Still one hour to go!

End of the trail, head right.

That's where it got a little bit tricky for me. Head left at the junction. And walk along the footbridge but do not take it.

At the sign, follow the direction which leads you through the Tung Chung Art Park in the middle of the housing estates. Then straight through all the housing estates, all the way to the end, until you basically hit a wall. Then head right and find your way out of the compound.

You have been following the blue dotted line, until you cross the red one at the Yat Tung/Chung Yan roundabout.

Follow the road to the left at that roundabout (as per plan)

5 minutes walk and you'll see a flight of stairs. Take them. Past the gazebo, you will see that you are getter close.

Down to the street level, Tung Chung station in sight.