Monday, June 6, 2011

Discovery Bay to Mui Wo

(Updated 2019-APR-15)
2 hours

7/10. There's a 20 minutes/120 meters climb that's a bit painful when it is very hot (I did it a 33c/90% humidity)

Cel phone coverage: Partial.

Water needs: 1.5 liter.

Appreciation: 9/10. Great views. Monastery is interesting.

Map & Details: n/a

Exercise Area: No

Transportation: Take the ferry to Discovery Bay and the ferry back from Mui Wo.

Why it's worth it: 
Great views, nice beach, shopping and restaurants on both ends.Turkish food at Bahce.

Take the Discovery Bay ferry from the Central pier. You'll be there in about 30-40 minutes.

Right off the ferry, hang out left along the pier.

We'll keep going along the pier for about 100 meters.

Turn right to get to the main road.

At the main road, turn left.
Follow the main road.

As the road dips and merges, cross it and walk towards the bay side road. But be watchful that you do not take the bay side road. Right as you get to the road, there's a gatekeeper's cabin.

You want to head out right behind the cabin and through the fence. You will see a small beach there.

Follow the path by the beach.

You'll see a sign post. Go towards Mui Wo via the Trappist monastery.

Gets a little bit tricky as you get to the little village. Follow the visual cues here (and the arrows)

Hang out left.

Left again.

At this point, it's pretty much just following the path.

Banana plantations.

Go through that house's veranda. Yes, it's not a private path; it's just that the owner build over public space so, don't feel too bad about going through what looks like his home.

Another little village.

You'll eventually get to a larger road. Turn right into it. That's where the ascending part of the hike starts.

You arrive at the monastery, which can be recognized by the blue bridge leading to it. If you feel like it, it's a nice little break. Have a little visit but stay quiet. Once you are done. keep going on the road, going up.

At the crossroads, stay in the middle and you'll see the foot path going on...

... with a sign post announcing that you are indeed on the right way.

Now, at the point when you are in sight of the Chinese gazebo, you can climb up for the view (very nice) or take a right through an "uncharted" path through the bushes which bypasses the climb. But, if you went that far, why no enjoy the view? Once you soaked in the view, it's a long and scenic way down. After another 20 or so minutes, you'll see Mui Wo in the distance with the ferry pier marking the end-point of your trek. You're still about 45 minutes away.

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs. From that point on, there should be no problem finding your way to the ferry pier. Make a stop at Bahce for great Turkish food before you ferry back to Central. After a nice hike in the sun, I suggest a nice jug of sangria.

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