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Lion Rock (獅子山)

(Updated 2020-JAN-04)
About 4 hours total. 1 hour from Wong Tai Sin MTR to trail head (#1). 1 hour from trail head to bottom of Lion Head stairs (#2). 1 hour to Reunification pavilion (#4). One hour back to Wong Tai Sin.
4小時。 從黃大仙地鐵到遠足徑起點 (#1): 1小時。 從遠足徑到獅子山下的階梯(#2: 1小時。 到回歸亭1小時(#4)。回到黃大仙1小時。

7/10. Beginner hikers may find it tiring as there are quite steep climbs.

Cel phone coverage: Throughout.

Water needs: 1.5 liter

Appreciation/欣賞: 8/10. City views are really nice. 城市景觀非常好

Exercise Area: No

Transportation/交通工具: Get to Won Tai Sin MTR station, Exit B3. Really easy. 黃大仙地鐵站B3出口。 真的很容易

Why it's worth it: 


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Off of Wong Tai Sin's exit B3. Take a right and go straight forward after the stairs and old ladies selling  Joss sticks. You will reach the mini-bus terminus.
黃大仙B3出口,  右轉. 見到樓梯後及賣香的老太太向前走你便見到小巴總站

Head left when you have reached the terminus and turn again left onto Shatin Pass Road. You'll stay on this road until you reach the trail head. I added a few key pictures along the way for reference.

Keep going on Shatin pass road.

Yep, still going.

Don't be fooled, you keep going straight through, still Shatin Pass Road.

And up you go. Shatin pass road all the way!

繼續向上行! 沙田坳道很長啊!

You will go by a temple on your left (nice and peaceful inside if you have a few minutes), Shatin Pass curves to the right, you follow.
在左邊有一閒寺廟 -法藏寺如果你有幾分鐘的時候可入內享受片刻安靜),沙田坳道行向右彎你就跟着行吧

You'll eventually reach this ornate Chinese arch. Just a few hundred meters to go on Shatin Pass road!

That is the trail head (marker #1 on the map). If you keep going on Shatin pass for another 20 or so meters, there will be  a store where you can replenish your supplies before starting on the trail. There are washrooms there as well. Once you are ready to go, it will be up hill for the next half-hour.
這是遠足徑的起點地圖上標記1)。 如果你繼續在沙田坳道再行20多米你會見到一個士多可以買些補及用品 那裡也有洗手間你準備好後下半小時就全是上山了

About one hour in (a few hundred meters have mile post M104), marker #2 on my map, you will reach an intersection which offers you to climb to the Lion Rock, or bypass it altogether. Head left and climb up. Otherwise, you'll miss all the nicest views.
大約一小時後, 距離M104有幾百米),在地圖上標記2你會到達一個交叉路口讓你爬上獅子山或者繞過它 向左走向上爬 否則你會錯過最美好的景觀
After about 20 minutes of quite steep climb, you'll reach the first mountain crest (#3). at 495meters. Soak in the view and when ready keep walking on the crest. It may look like the trail stops but it doesn't. Keep going. Just be careful on the way down as it can be slippery. You'll climb the next peak.
爬上大約20分鐘後你會到達第一個在495米的山峰(#3好好欣賞美景後便要準備繼續走往山頂你可能以為遠足徑不見了但不是的 繼續小心行因為路上可能有點滑的 你要向下一個高峰出發

Keep going,. In front of you is the Lion Rock!


On the left, you can climb up if you want to say you truly went on top of Lion Rock.  The  trail however, continues on the right. On your way down, keep on eye on the Lion Rock in the back as you may see rock climbers scaling the peak.
如果你真的想爬上獅子頭你可以在左邊爬上去但遠足徑(下山) 是在右邊的 在你下山時回頭看看獅子山你可能會看到攀石者

About another 40 minutes down-hill walk and you will reach the unification pavilion (#4) which is also where the Lion Rock bypass trail joins with yours. This is pretty much the end of the interesting part of the trail (ie when one start making dinner plans!)
下山後大約40分鐘你將到回歸亭(#4),這也是獅子山支路與遠足徑合拼與的地方 這也是今次有趣的遠足的結尾可開始計劃晚餐了!)

Take the first paved trail on the left of the distance/direction post. All the way down. About an hour to Wong Tai Sin now.

沿著距離/方向柱左側的路向下走。 大約一個小時便到黃大仙

There may be a few tempting intersections; stay the course on the paved trail.
沿路會見到幾個十字路口;   繼續留原路走

End of the trail. You are pretty much at the entrance of Lion Rock park. Quite nice I am told. Head left down the road.
遠足快結束了 你就在獅子山公園的入口處向左繼續行

About 50 meters down, take short-cut stairs on you left. You will reach Chuk Yuen Road. Head left on Chuk Yuen.

Chuck Yuen Road.


You'll reach at set of lights about 200 meters on Chuk Yuen Road. Cross the street and forward into  Ma Chai Hang Road. There will be a park on your left.
在竹園路約二百米處可以到達一盞交通燈 過馬路便是馬仔坑道 左邊會有一個公園

Keep on the sidewalk. After the roundabout, the road becomes Wong Tai Sin Road. Keep going.
繼續在人行道上 迴旋處後便是黃大仙道 繼續行

You'll reach a set of lights on Wong Tai Sin road and across, the road, you'll see a pink gate (Upper Wong Tai Sin Estate). Cross the street, go through the gate and down to estate's piazza. Go right through the estate. There are MTR signs for you to follow. Get into the shopping plaza and there will be further MTR signage. You'll be back to exit B3.
在黃大仙道會見到一盞交通燈在對面你會看到一個粉紅色的門黃大仙上邨)。 過馬路穿過大門到達的廣場, 便有地鐵標誌 進入商場會有進一步的地鐵指示牌 你會回到B3出口

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