Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tung Fuk Beach to Mui Wo via beaches

(2 to 5 kilometers depending if you go to Pui O). 30 minutes to 1 hour to  Sha Tsui. Another 45 minutes if you walk to Pui O (10 min bus ride). Calculate food time.

Difficulty: 1/10 if not doing the Pui O section, 3/10 otherwise. 

Appreciation: 8/10.  Very nice beaches. Great food.

Transportation:  Get to Tung Chung MTR. Take NLB #11 to Tung Fuk beach village. Return from Mui Wo via ferry or to Tung Chung via bus. Ferries and buses run to about 23:00 every day.

Why it's worth it: Nice food, very nice beaches. Not overly crowded. Finish the day with a nice dinner in Mui Wo; lots of nice places to eat there.

Tung Fuk, Cheung Sha, Pui O beaches. Lunch at The Gallery
At Tung Chung, take Exit 'B' and walk towards the Ngong Ping 360 escalator, the #11 bus stop is next to it. Note that it gets very busy on weekends and holidays as the crowd goes to Tai O.
Map. Click to enlarge.

There will be no announcements for the Tung Fuk village stop . But you should have no problem recognizing it; it's about 25 minutes into the ride, you will have driven down the mountain, to the beach-fronts, then turned right on to South Lantau Road. Then, it is pretty much the first village right by the road.

If you arrange to get there around lunch time, start with a visit at The Gallery Restaurant and Bar, just in front of the bus stop @ 26 South Lantau Road. Great food, perfect for a day out.

When ready to go. Follow the signs to Tung Fuk beach, behind the bus stop.

Then it is pretty simple, just follow the Tung Fuk beach. At the end of the beach, if you are adventurous, keep going over the rocks to Cheung Sha beach, if not, just zip on the road to skip the rocks.
Then, do all of Sheung Sha beach to Sha Tsui (there's a path that skips another rocky part (at the red Cheung Sha sign on the map).  
Then, once you hit the South Lantau road again (#2 on the first map), you can either take the #11 bus back to Tung Chung (might be really busy), take the #1/#2/#4 bus to Pui O, or all the way to Mui Wo if you want to skip Pui O altogether (the beach is not as nice). Or you can walk to Pui O (about 45 minutes).

If you decide to walk to Pui O, it is not a hard walk but there's a little bit of a climb towards the end. You will see some signage about 3/4 of the way there on South Lantau Road. You will know when you arrived because that's the next village. At the first bus stop in the village, there's will be signs pointing to Pui O beach, on your right.
When you are done "beaching", take bus #1/#2/#4 to Mui Wo at that same spot. Actually, if it is more convenient, you can also take bus 3M to Tung Chung on the opposite side of the road.

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