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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Amazfit Fitness Smartwatch


Pace: A reasonably good-looking smartwatch with features you'd expect. I don't have one yet.
Price is right and at a 20% discount if you register for their mailing-list ($130 USD, quite inexpensive).

(Check it out and if you buy from the link below, I get a commission)


  • Run Tracking: Track your runs and capture distance, time, pace, heart rate, calories, speed, cadence, maximum/average moving pace, max/avg moving speed, max/avg cadence, altitude, elevation gain, elevation loss and min/max altitude.
  • Phone-Free Music: Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth earbuds, load up your music to the internal storage, and run phone-free.
  • GPS: Track your route and distance with built-in GPS.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications for incoming calls, messages, emails, and other apps.
  • Heart Rate: Optimize workouts with automatic heart rate monitoring and continuous heart rate tracking.

  • Battery life: 5 days regular use / 11 days basic use
  • Water resistance: IP67, resistant to water and dust
  • Heart rate sensor: Optical (PPG)
Actually, they have another product, the Moonbeam, for the ladies, which I think has quite a nice design. Hard to assess the built quality from just the picture but then again, the price point is quite low so it is not like investing in an AppleWatch!