Sunday, February 25, 2018

Chuen Lung to Shing Mun reservoir via Sheung Sze Forest Trail (相思林徑)

7k, 3 hours

6/10. 294m elevation gain. Bunch of steps and a few slippery rocks, but overall quite easy

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere.

Water needs: 1 liter.

Appreciation: 8/10. Some nice views, and "exotic feeling" hike

Map & Details:

Exercise Area: None

Transportation: MTR to Tsuen Wan West, exit E1. Bus 51. Get off at Chuen Lung stop. Return by minibus to Tsuen Wan MTR.

Why it's worth it: 
Tsuen Wan West, Exit E1. Take Bus 51, on your right after the stairs

Get off at Chuen Lung. Cross the street. Take the village road through Chuen Lung.

Right at the bridge

At after about 1 km from the bus stop, you'll reach this point. Left before the green metal shed...

... then left at the stairs, then right atop the stairs.

Going to the cemetery...

At the road, keep going straight, and up the stairs on the left of the pavilion

At about km 2.3, you'll branch right (you'll see that sign)

About 120m further up, you'll see a path on your right that diverges from the well beaten path going up.
Take that path on the right

About 4.5km in, go straight...

About 5.2km in, head right towards Shing Mun Reservoir



Still straight ahead, through the butterfly trail and picnic area

Down the stairs, head right. Over the bridge, then right again

That's it, minibus stop which will bring you back to Tsuen Wan

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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!