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Victoria City boundary stones

16k, 4.5 hours

4/10. 528m elevation gain.

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere.

Water needs: 1 liter.

Appreciation: 8/10. Walk by the 6 remaining Victoria City boundary stones. Some history, the city, the Peak, views. A good mix! 
Read about the history by clicking on the following links:,_Hong_Kong 

Map & Details:

Exercise Area: Lots of exercise areas with chin-up bars, abs stations, monkey bars, etc

Transportation: MTR to CausewayBay. Exit 'A' (Time Square). Return via Kennedy Town MTR. There's plenty of buses, and the tram, so you have tons of options.

Why it's worth it: 
Right our of CausewayBay's Exit A, turn left, then take the exit on the left. Head right on Matheson street.
The 6 stones on the map of this hike

Cross Leighton Road and, going North, stay on the right-side of Wong Nai Chung Road. You will be walking along the Happy Valley Racecourse.
You will pass Broadwood Road on the left. The stone #1 is on the right side of Wong Nai Chung Road, about 70m after Broadwood. That was the West-most boundary of Victoria City, in 1903! The stone is about 800m walk from Time Square.
Then keep going on Wong Nai Chung Road, cross it, and you will find Sing Woo Road on the left, just before the tram terminus. Turn on Sing Woo Road and keep going (about 700m) until it merges into Blue Pool Road.
Once on Blue Pool Road, take the second right. That's Green Lane
Go all the way up the stairs on Green Lane
Head right after the 2 flight of stairs on Green Lane
At the training track, head left, follow along side the track until you reach the end, take the stairs that go up to the left. At the top of the stairs, head right. Cross the road. Take Bowen Road (the Bowen road fitness trail)
After another 5 minutes walk or so on Bowen Road, you'll reach stone #2
After another 10 minutes walk, you'll find these stairs on your left. Take them if you want to go have a look at Lover's Rock. The 9 metre high granite monolith is said to have the power of giving happy marriages to those who worship it.
At the Bowen Road Park playground, keep going on Bowen Road

Stay the course on Bowen Road, it will merge onto Magazine Gap Rd. At this point, you will go over the path of the Peak Tram (see the rails). Head left and up onto Brewin Path.
The road itself will stop at a housing estate, but keep going on the path.
The very short path... (about 100m)

After about 100m on the path, there's another path on the left which you must take. It will bring you to Clovelly Path
Clovelly Path is about 50m long and will get you to May Road. Cross May Rd to Tregunter Path.
Go up on Tregunter path
The Peak, as seen from Tregunter Path
After about 1km on Tregunter, you will see Old Peak Road on your left, going up.
Take it. Pay attention on your right as stone #3 is about 80m on Old Peak Road
Stone #3 !

Follow signage to The Peak and you'll get here after about 20 minutes.
Take some time to take-in the views. Spectacular on a clear day
When you are ready to go, take Harlech Road, which is the first road on the right of the Peak Lookout Cafe (the stone building)
You'll reach this intersection after about 700m on Harlech road. Take the path on the left. That's Hatton Road

About another 700-800m on Hatton road (don't take any paths on the left going to the Battery or Lung Fu Shan), you'll reach this intersection with a map. Head right and walk for about 125m. The stone will be on your right
Stone #4 ! You can retrace your steps back to the map intersection

Now back on the map intersection, go to the path left of the map

Just a further 30-40m, yet another intersection. Take a left towards Pok Fu Lam Reservoir
A further 400m walk will get you to the end of the road, where two paths branch. Take the right-most one, going down.
Intersection after another 200m, head left
Then right at and down the stairs, just before the stream
Right on Pok Fu Lam Road
Then right at the corner of Pok Fu Lam and... Pok Fu Lam!
Right around that corner, you'll find stone #5 ! It is somewhat hidden by the pedestrian tunnel so be on the lookout.
Then keep going in the same direction on Pok Fu Lam Road
Another 450m on Pok Fu Lam and you'll reach a bus terminus/Sinopec gas station.
Follow May down the pedestrian tunnel and take Pokfield Road on the other side
About 250m onto Pokfield road, you'll get to stairs on the right that will lead you to Kennedy Town MTR (there's a sign).
Take them and 
You will walk by Kennedy Town MTR Exit A, then turn left onto Forbes Street
The Tree Wall on Forbes Street is quite nice. GO to the end of Forbes, then right onto Cadogan Street
Left onto Victoria Road. Stay on the right side of the road, where the park is

Victoria Rd
Turn right onto Sai Ning Street, it curves to the left after 40m
About 200m onto Sai Ning street, you will reach your final stop, the 6th stone. It is inside the sports court
Stone #6 ! Once you are done, retrace your steps to the MTR.
Fun eh!?

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