Sunday, August 5, 2018

North Point to Braemar Hill via Sir Cecil's Ride stream (full)

5km total. About 700m in the stream


Cel phone coverage: Sparse.

Water needs: 1 liter.

Appreciation: 6/10 (for full stream). There are better streams. Good intro stream

Exercise Area: No.

Transportation: North Point MTR Exit B1. Return via Green minibus 25 to Causeway Bay

Why it's worth it: 

Right off North Point exit B1, turn left on Shu Kuk Street and take the stairs going through the building.
They are labelled "Aroma Walk" 
Just follow the path and climb the stairs...
You'll reach this junction where the path goes back down and stairs are on your left. Take the stairs
You arrive at a road (Tin Hau Temple Rd). Head left.
About 150m on Tin Hau Temple Rd, you'll see sports courts on the right, toilets, and stairs in the back.
Cross the road and head for the stairs. Climb the stairs.

You will eventually reach another road (Braemar Hill Rd). Head left.
Cross the road and go straight.

Just before the end of Braemar Hill Rd, you will see a park on the right with a blue fence.
Enter the park there (Greenery mini-garden)
At the pat's first junction, head right towards 'Country Park'
About 150m into this park, you'll get to this spot. Can't miss it; there's an red emergency phone thingee, and stairs next to a tree that splits live a 'V'. Take the path next that goes down, to the right of the stairs.
There's a fence right there. Go through the hole in the fence and head left.
You'll see a concrete path on your right. Follow it until it ends into a catchwater
Bypass the catchwater on the left, into the woods. It is overgrown but you just have about 15m to go. On your right, you'll see the beginning of the stream. That's where you enter. Then, simple, just follow in the stream. Bypasses are obvious, although unnecessary.
First waterfall. Nice pool.

Go under the bridge

Follow the stream immediately to the left of the gazebo

Second waterfall

That's it, end of the stream. Head left at path's junction



At the building, take the path that is on the left

Kowloon, and the new cruise ship terminal

At one point, there seems to be some path on the left. However, take a right.
There's a blue ribbon

You will eventually reach the main path. Head left.

Gazebo on the right, take the path on the left.

You are back at the bridge you went under earlier. Going over this time

About 400m after the bridge, there will be a set of stairs on your right. Take them. They will get you to Braemar Hill Road

There you go, Braemar Hill Road, with a bug terminus right in front of you.
GMB 25 will get you to Causeway Bay MTR.

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