Sunday, June 30, 2019

Tung Lung Chau (東龍洲) loop

7km (4 hours)

8/10 if not too hot. Some bushwacking, steep & slippery down. No shades. 10/10 on a hot day

Cel phone coverage: Full.

Water needs: 2 liters.

Appreciation: 8/10. 

Exercise Area: No

Transportation: Yau Tong MTR exit 'A'. walk to Sam Ka Tsuen Public Pier, then ferry to Tung Lung island. Back the same way.
Ferry schedule:

Why it's worth it: 
Some nice views but there's also a few other things to see and do on the island, such as the 19th century rock carvings, the Tung Lung Fort, and a few places to get a decent meal.

Yau Tong, Exit A2

Go down the stairs on the right, right out of exit A2. Then just keep following Cho Kwo Ling Rd road, all the way

Will take you about 10 minutes to get here from the MTR
Right after the last bend, the road straighten-up and the ferry pier as at the end 

You will have to get a return ticket. They will ask you for return time; you can pick the last return as you always have the option to take an earlier ferry back.

After a scenic 30 minutes ferry ride, you will arrive at Tung Lung island. It is the terminus, you can't get it wrong.

At the first cross-road, hang-out left.

Then right at the Chinese restaurant. (You will be looping back here)

Paved path for most of the trail, and there's one path so, quite easy to navigate

At this point, you will get to a fork. I suggest you first go explore the ancient rock carving on the right.
Once done, you will come back to this fork and keep progressing on the path on the left (2)

There's an explanatory sign on the middle of a promontory. The stairs down to the carvings are on the left.

The 19th century rock-carving
Once done, retrace your steps to the fork and keep going

Luk Keng wan in sight.

You will get to this fork. If you feel like going to Luk Keng Wan, head right.
When done, come back here and keep going. You will be climbing to the summit; very painful on a hot day, easy otherwise.

Summit in sight

About 25m before arriving at the building, you will see a path on the left which you must take.
This is the way down from the summit. It is steep and slippery. If you are worried, trace your steps all the way back instead.

So, you have chosen to continue down the slope. There's a bit of bushwhacking but the path is quite clear and mostly follows underneath the electrical posts. 

The steep portion.

You made it all the way down!

You will reach this path, head right towards a small village where you can get a bit of food and drinks.
From there, you can follow the signs to visit Tung Long Fort (about 300m).
Once you are done, retrace your steps back to this village...

... and you can go back to the Public Pier by following the sign to 'Rock Carving' about 500m away.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ma Wan loop

4km (1.5 hour)

2/10. Mostly flat and shaded

Cel phone coverage: Full.

Water needs: 0.5 liter.

Appreciation: 6/10. 

Exercise Area: No

Transportation: Tsing Yi MTR exit C, then bus NR330. There's also a ferry from Central that goes directly to Park Island.

Why it's worth it: 


Exit 'C' @ Tsing Yi MTR station. Bus stops are all there.

Get out at the first stop

Take the stairs down on your left when coming out of the bus

Right on the road

Right on the path that will get you to Tung Wan Beach 

Tung Wan Beach. Great place to bring kids or simply to gaze at the Tsing Ma Bridge.

Yep, a "full-size replica" of Noah's ark. Go towards the ark.

At the Ark's entrance, just head right on the slightly uphill road.

Left at the road for about 50m

You'll arrive at the Ma Wan Park Garden.

You can't get lost in there, it is quite small. Go all the way to the top

Then go all the way back down to the road.

Walk about 250m on the road and then hit a right, then left after the bridge on top of you.

Pretty much at the soccer pitch, you'll see a dirt path on your right. Take it

At the very end of the path, you'll reach the sea where anglers gather. Nice and unusual view of Hong Kong Island

When you are done, just retrace back your steps to the road (head right)

You will get to this ghost village (most of the houses are vacant)

Tin Hau temple. Keep going

At this point, take a right

Follow the path that goes up stairs towards the Solar Tower. Get to the tower, you can explore a bit in there...

When done, down the stairs you go

Towards the heritage centre

Heritage centre is free and interesting, albeit very small

Go straight

Back to your starting point, take the bus back to Tsing Yi MTR

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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!