Saturday, June 8, 2019

Lei Yue Mun (鯉魚門) loop

4km (1 hour)

9/10. A- 56m elevation gain. 50% sun exposed. Heavy bushwacking, sometimes no trail, rock-climbing down
1/10. B- If you skip the Pottinger Battery. 2m elevation gain. Sun exposed when not in seafood village.

Cel phone coverage: Full.

Water needs: 0.75 liter.

Appreciation: 8/10. I really liked Lei Yue Mun; it feels like you are on an island but yet, in the city.

Exercise Area: No

Transportation: Yau Tong MTR exit A2

Why it's worth it: 


Yau Tong, Exit A2

Go down the stairs on the right, right out of exit A2. Then just keep following Cho Kwo Ling Rd road, all the way to the harbour-side and the Lei Yue Mun archway... can't miss it.

Cross the street

As I said, just follow the road...

Here you are!


Go down the stairs and into the seafood village.

In the seafood village, just follow the red-colored ground path and it will lead you to the other side of the village.
Great food to be had there by-the-way. We liked their cooking better than in Tuen Muen.

You'll see a sports court, go around on the right.

Uncles & aunties have all sorts of traditional snacks for you to buy...

Lei Yue Mun Coast Lighthouse

Keep going

Ok, at the red fire-hydrant. This is where you make your most important decision.
On the left is the more difficult path (A), bushwacking, rock-climbing down, and sometimes no real trail to speak of. It is more treacherous... you are warned.
If you just want an easy walk, just go straight towards the shore (B) and keep following the path all the way to the quarry and then back the same way, all the way to the MTR. Still a nice walk, and great food!

Ok, so you decided that you are a tough guy/gal eh!? Good for you!
The path climbs aside the village houses and you'll go over this 'Wilson Trail' sign.

Shortly after (less than 50m), you exit the village on a path with these concrete railings.
When you get to this point, the path veers left and you should see concrete blocks on your right and a faint footpath. That is where you want to go. There are some faded ribbons but, in general, for about 150m, you'll probably be wondering whether you are going the right away, which should generally be Eastward.

You should get to this post. Just keep going and the path becomes better defined after

Finally, you'll reach the Pottinger Battery. Not too much to look at anymore.

Unusual views of Hong Kong however are worth a few snaps

When you are done, go down through the well maintained path

... and then the path ends, leaving you a bit baffled. But, from that point, you can see the ruins of the Old Lei Yue Mun quarry's building down in the distance. No path, but that's the direction you need to go. Be careful...

After having cursed at me a few times, you'll get to this point, right atop the quarry. Go to the edge...

... that's where you have to come down, viewed from the bottom.
It is not as hard as it looks and it is only about 7m down.Still, watch your steps.

There's a little rocky beach

Once done, just follow the path going back to the village.
There are a few forks but in all cases, pick the path staying closest to the harbour

Soon enough, you'll go by, and through this Man-Mo temple

Take a few minutes to think about your ancestors... then resume your walk.
In about 5 minutes, you should be back to the A-B fork and you can just return to the MTR. Alternatively, you can also take the ferry to Hong Kong Island

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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!