Monday, January 11, 2021

Zimmerman's Loop Section 5 : Tai Tam Nature Walk (大潭自然段)

Duration:  12 km (3h15)

Difficulty: 4/10Mostly flat

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere

Water needs: 1 liter. 60% shaded. 

Appreciation: 6/10. 

Exercise Area: No

Transportation:  Get to Stanley Terminus via a number of buses. Return to Shai Kei Wan MTR via bus #9

Why it's worth it:

Off the bus @ the Stanley bus terminus, walk on Stanley Beach Road

Then hop on the beach (if not closed. Otherwise, just keep going on the road, you'll get to the same place). Then on the boardwalk. Then stairs up.

Up the stairs, head left and across the road onto Stanley Gap Road.

After about 150m on Stanley Gap Road, you'll see concrete steps on your right. That's the shortcut to the trail. If you want the 'official' entry point, walk another 200m to a larger set of concrete stairs.

Head right at the top of the stairs. Quite easy at this point, just follow the catchwater to the end, when it meets Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir

Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir. Head right at the bottom of the stairs.

Cross the road and go down

Head left here at the white building

There's a path on the left, after the dam. At the top of the stairs, head right.
Careful, no sidewalks.

Down the path here. Note the trail post on the left.

Head left at the bottom of the stairs. At this point, you are on Hong Kong Trail Section 7. You can just follow it to the end without risk of getting lost.

There's an option here, when you get close to Lan Nai Wan, to actually go through Lan Nai Wan by heading right and down, leaving HK Trail Sec 7. However, I would suggest you instead stay on Section 7 as the villagers do not enjoy the visitors too much and they have dogs that will bark at you and possibly chase you.

If you decided to face the dogs, after the temple, there's a bridge and the path back to HK Trail Sec 7 is right after the bridge, on the left.

At this point, you are about 1.5km away from the end of the trail.

Go up the stairs to the road where you can take bus #9 to Shau Kei Wan. But first, take some time at the beach, take the path down on the right...

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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!