Thursday, March 25, 2021

Po Lam to HKUST North Gate, then Pak Shui Wun (白水碗 ) waterfall and beach, looping back to HKUST North Gate.

Duration: 5 kilometers (2 hours)

Difficulty: 3/10. 250m elevation gain. 

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere

Water needs: 0.5 liter. 85% shaded.

Appreciation: 5/10. Meh.

Transportation: MTR to Po Lam (Exit 'C'), return via any of the many buses and mini buses at HKUST North Gate.

Why it's worth it:

Map & Details: 

Exercise Area: No
Right off of Po Lam exit 'C', head right.
Then right again at the end of May Yip road and onto Po Fung road. Take the pedestrian tunnel under Yan King road.

Next big road is Po Lam, cross it, then head left for about 200m, along Po Lam road. 

You will then reach this point where you will see stairs going up on your right and a path off the sidewalk. Take the path and go up the stairs. 

About 300m from the road, you will get to this point. Take a right

(There's a bench right at the junction)

Left and up.

Keep a left.

You'll reach this point with a metal railing. Head right and down.
You will reach Clear Water Bay road. Head left on Clear Water Bay Road.

Then first right, crossing Clear Water Bay road and onto Ngan Yin road.

About 5 minutes later, you will reach the HKUST South Gate.
Bus terminus will be on your left...

There is a path in between the fences on the South side of the bus terminus that will follow along the campus grounds, as you are not allowed on campus unless invited.

The path, go right.

Then down and right.

The path that follows along the West side of the campus grounds

You eventually get here, to the HKUST North gate. Take the path to the left which goes down and under the bridge. That's the start of the Pak Shui Wun loop.

Keep your attention on the left as you go down the path, where you will see the Pak Shui Wun waterfalls. There is no 'official' way to get closer to the falls for a better view.

Left and down here.

The path is a few meters before the bridge, on the right.


Left again.

Another left.

Then at the top, as you reach the village, you will see a set of metal railings lining a path on your left. Take that path.

The path brings you back on University road. Take a left and you will be back at HKUST North Gate in less than 5 minutes where you can have a number of bus options to get wherever you want.


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