Sunday, July 4, 2021

Quarry Bay (鰂魚涌) to Repulse Bay (淺水灣) via Tai Tam reservoirs (大潭水塘)


(10 kilometers)
3 hours

Difficulty: 5/10. 424m elevation gain. Rating 5 instead of 2 because the last 200m is steeper and can be slippery. About 70% shaded.

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere.

Water needs: 1.5 liter

Appreciation: 8/10. Nice after a downpour, creating lots of small waterfalls. Historical site of Tai Tam.

Transportation: Quarry Bay MTR exit A. Return via numerous and frequent buses in Repulse Bay, on Repulse Bay Road.

Why it's worth it:

Map & Details: 

Exercise Area: Yes (Quite a few along Mount Parker Green Trail)

From Quarry Bay MTR exit A, turn right on King's road. 
Then walk for about 250m to Mount Parker road (on your right). 
You can't miss it, there's a big brown sign announcing the Mount Parker Green Trail.
Walk up on Mount Parker road, which will merge into the Green Trail.

This cooked food centre on Mount Parker Road is quite good.

After about an hour (3.5km) on the Mount Parker Green Trail, you will reach the Quarry Pass Pavillion. Take a right towards Tai Tam Tuk reservoir. Still is Mount Parker Green Trail.

Keep going towards the reservoirs.

At the upper Tai Tam dam (1h25. 5.3km), you will be leave Mount Parker Road by crossing the dam, and then heading left right after on Tai Tam reservoir road.

Around 1h45m (6.8km) and immediately after crossing the masonry bridge on Tai Tam reservoir road, take a right, towards the Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir.

Keep on left here...

At the Tai Tam Intermediate Reservoir Dam, you can take 5 minutes to walk to the middle of the dam to take a few pictures. When done, come back and take the dirt path that follows along the South side of the reservoir.

About an hour walk from the Intermediate Reservoir Dam, you will be reaching this point; Tze Kong Bridge (Repulse Bay Gap). Cross the bridge, take an immediate left, then immediate right and down the path with a sign that advise you not to do so... ;-) 
At this point, you are about 200m away from Repulse Bay

Soon enough, you will reach this road (South Bay Close), with the Hong Kong International Primary School on your left. Take the concrete steps down and just follow the road down.

You are almost there, follow the road to the left, then take the next right...

... and there you go: The Pulse, for late lunch or early dinner. Maybe some beach time afterwards. Once you are done, walk along Beach Road and you will see stairs on your right that will take you to Repulse Bay Road where there are tons of buses that will take you back to the city.

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