Monday, October 13, 2014

Nei Sham Stream (彌深石澗), from Tung Chung

(15 kilometers)
5.5 hours; 2 hours from Tung Chung to Sham Wat village, 45 minutes Sham Wat to stream. 2.5 hours in stream. 15 minutes from stream to Ngong Ping.

Difficulty: 9/10. The stream is more difficult than Wong Lung Hang because of the large boulders and sometimes tricky passes. But WLH gets higher rating because of the rope part at the end. In any case, not a stream for people with no stream-trekking experience

Cel phone coverage: Not in stream

Water needs: 2 liters

Appreciation: 9/10

Transportation: Start at Tung Chung MTR, Exit A. Return via bus 23 at Ngong Ping, to Tung Chung. Last bus at 19:10!

Why it's worth it:


First half, the flat hike to Sham Wat village

Tung Chung MTR Exit A.

Cross all the cab stops towards the apartment towers  in front of Exit A.

Refer to Point 1 on the map. You will be on a path that parallels Tai Tung Road until it reaches Shun Tung Road.
Do not turn right into the tunnel, instead, turn left.

After about 100 meters, there will be a tunnel on your right. Take it.

Bunch of steps right in front of you. Don't take them, follow the path on the left.

After the tunnel, walk about 200 meters and take the catwalk over  Chung Yan Road.
Keep walking for another 200 meters or so, you'll go past housing estates on your right  and get to another  catwalk. Don't take that one, just keep going straight.

Just before the end of Tu Yung Road, you will turn right at a sign post  indicating the way to Hau Wong temple.
Down the stairs, turn left.

In general, just follow the signs indicating Tai O.

About 1 kilometer in, in a small village.

Just added this one because it may be confusing. But again, just follow the signs that indicate Tai O. From this point on, in it smooth walking without real possibilities of a wrong turn until Sham Wat Wan, 9 kilometers along the way.

Sham Wat Wan. The ladies there at the village will surely remind you that there's food to be had if you are hungry. If you don't plan to stop, keep walking on the road through the village and over the bridge.

After the bridge, just keep going straight on the road. You are starting your paved climb towards the stream entrance
Make your way up to point #2, at about 105m altitude...

...don't miss that turn on the left. The sign reads 'Sham Wat Catchwater (East)'. 

A few hundred meters in, you'll see a catch-water basin on the right but keep going, that's not the entry point

At the next bridge is the actual entry point of the stream. Go down the stairs (past the sign with a skull that warns you of your impending death), go to the rightmost stream. The boulders are quite large, which might make them a bit challenging 

Nei Ngong waterfall (彌昂飛瀑). Bypass on the left. If at any point, the climb looks too difficult, chances are that there's a ribbon delimited bypass.

Here's the most important split to remember. On the right, the Ngong Sham stream, much more difficulty. Stay on the left on the Nei Sham stream which is easier

Almost there. You will be right under the Ngong Ping cable line

The spot where we exited the stream. I put some blue ribbons on the right to indicate the path. The path itself is quite well-used so if it is not too late in the evening, you should find it easily. Remember, it's on the right.

At the top of the exit path, you'll reach the Lantau trail, make a right and you'll reach Ngong Ping in about 10-15 minutes. From there, you can take a bus back to Tung Chung (MTR), or Tai-O or Mui-Wo

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ma Dai Stream (馬大石澗)

(Updated: 2022-04-17)

(5 kilometers)
2 hours

Difficulty: 6/10.

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere

Water needs: 1 liter

Appreciation: 9/10

Transportation: Tai Shui Hang MTR exit B. Return via Hang On MTR

Why it's worth it:

At Tai Shui Hang MTR, take exit B. And then head left (North) following Hang Tak street.

Until you reach this point, about 100-150m in. Take the road on the right.

At the end of the road, just climb the fence on your left and take the steps.

Cross the bridge, then head left...
... the stream entrance is right there.

Hero's cliff. Magnificent waterfall. Nice place for a picnic and a swim.

Keep going. No significant waterfalls afterwards but at one point, you'll hit a fork, head left and there will be a bridge-like thing. Head left. Now, you will know you went on the wrong side of the fork ("Use the fork Luke!") if you arrive at the dam on the right on the picture. Just retrace your steps to the fork and head left and out of the stream. The stream portion is over, you are about 50 minutes away from the MTR.

At this point, the trail should be somewhat visible, just make sure you don't go there at night the first time...

You'll eventually get to this farm. Go through on the left. Be respectful of private property.

As you get out of the village/farm, you'll hit Man On Shan Country Trail, head left.

You'll get to the pic-nic area where there are toilets if you need a pit-stop. 

Otherwise, keep going on the Man On Shan Tsuen road.

At one point, you'll see a hole in the fence on your left, next to a concrete structure, that's a shortcut, go through and go down the steep path.

Left at the trail.

About a hundred meters  onto the trail, there's a shortcut path on the right. Take it.

You'll get to the road. Head left.

You'll be able to go under the road-bridge

Then connecting to another road and sidewalk. Head right.

Then take the subway under the road. Should be relatively straightforward to the MTR (there are signs)

Through the garden. Admire the Chinese "bas-relief"

You'll end-up at Hang On MTR station. Quite a nice stream, isn't it?

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