Friday, February 5, 2016

A few milestones achieved...

Dear all,

   just taking a minute to mention that my completion of section 6&7 of Wilson trail last weekend marks a milestone in my Hong Kong hiking life; I have now completed all the major Hong Kong trails (MacLehose, Hong Kong, Lantau, and Wilson). I also have trekked the 9 great streams of Hong Kong.
It took 7 years but that's because completion was never really a goal of mine; I hike where there's an interesting sight.

Does it mean that I'm done? Of course not. There are hundreds more official and unofficial trails and streams to be explored and I will continue to do so.

Another milestone reached in 2015 is 1,000,000 page views on my blog (about 50,000/month. Now at 1.1 million). Now, if only that could bring in some income so I can replace my busted-ass 5.10s, that'd be great. At this point, my blog-generated loot is about HKD $500! (oh, the lavish lifestyle this has afforded me, I tell ya!). But if I were doing this for the money, I'd have stopped a long while ago.
My reward is when someone tells me they like and rely on my site to plan their hikes.

Now, lets climb on that soapbox for a few paragraphs...

Please, when you hike, be considerate, don't litter; put your garbage back in your backback and drop it at the next garbage bin.
BTW, anyone else thinks that the HK parks administration has done a crappy job with its garbage bins (they are rubbish! ;-) ). They just don't work; the monkeys easily get their content out. They should all be replaced.

Check-out Singapore's ones:

Maybe if we pressure the HK administration, they'll do something about it. Likewise, the villagers dumping their crap into streams are disgusting. Illegal deforestation and building in country park? Same.
Report them using the government's 1823 app! I will start doing this in 2016 (just learned about the app recently)


Happy hiking!


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Please, don't litter!

Hiking is about communion with nature. So please pickup after yourself. There's no excuse to leave plastic bags, water bottles or any rubbish on or around the trails; if you managed to bring it, you can manage to bring it back!