Saturday, August 20, 2016

Little compensation, benefit for you too...

Dear all,

   if you want to show me your appreciation of this now 5 or so years of HikeHongKong (and you are Hong Kong-based), from now to end of September, you can use my referral link and register for a Cathay Asiamiles AmericanExpress card. I'll get some referral Asiamiles and you will get my gratitude, as well as the following:

- fees are waved the first year (if you can make the spending minimum, just cancel after the 1st year)
- free access to the PlazaPremium lounges at all major airports (free food, great seats, a shower if you have a long layover). That's the best perk!
- Bonus 2000 Asiamiles for you from my referral
- Up to 78,000 Asiamiles during the first 3 months (enough for a trip to Europe)

So, the way I see it, a win-win situation.

Not that this blog is meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme and I won't stop posting no matter what. But hey, always nice to get a bit of extra...

Referral link is here:



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Please, don't litter!

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