Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sharp Island (橋咀洲), in Sai Kung


75 minutes (3.5 km return)

Difficulty: 3/10

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere

Water needs: 1 liter

Appreciation: 6/10

Transportation: Bus 92 from Diamond Hill to Sai Kung and back. There's also a red minibus from Mongkok that gets to Saikung and back:
You can take little boats (Kai-tos) to Sharp Island from the Sai Kung Public Pier. About HKD $30 return. Last one returns at 6pm.

Why it's worth it:

If you chose to take the red minibus to Sai Kung (definitely the fastest way there short of taking a cab), your only hope to get in as at the terminus on Dundas street. Right next to the Kwong Wah Hospital. Closest MTR is Yau Ma Tei exit A1

HKD $16 to get to the Sai Kung pier. Lineups on weekends. Be mindful that the red minibus returns from Sai Kung at the car park in Sai Kung, not at the minibus terminus you will be dropped-off at.

At the Saikung pier, get to one of the various booth selling ferry tickets to Sharp Island. Should be $30 HKD per person. Your trip will take about 15 minutes. Lowest tide is around 3pm. I suggest you take the ferry around noon so you can hike to Hap Mun beach, and return, then cross by foot to Kiu Tau (橋頭)

Right off the Kiu Tsui pier, head right and follow the paths that borders the beach. You'll get to stairs. Go up, then left. The path will eventually go back to the right. Can't really get lost, there's just one path all the way to Hap Mun Bay. The one way hike to Hap Mun Bay is about 1.7km
The path's tallest point is about 150m so, nothing to be too worried about. Only about 1/3 of it is shaded however so, sun and hot temperature will play a factor here
About 25-40 minutes in, Tap Mun Bay is in sight

Enjoy. You can buy drinks and snacks by the beach. There are showers too. Enjoy

When you are done, return whence you came and the rock bridge to Kiu Tau should be formed and ready for you to cross

Some interesting rock formation. Make sure you come back to Kiu Tsui within 60 minutes of the lowest point of the tide. Take your return boat to Sai Kung.
Hope you had fun!

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