Sunday, April 4, 2021

Tai Tam to Wong Nai Chung Gap (黃泥涌峽) via Sheung Tam Stream (雙潭石澗)

(6 kilometers)
2 hours

Difficulty: 6/10. 326m elevation gain

Cel phone coverage: Everywhere.

Water needs: 1.5 liter

Appreciation: 8/10. Great stream after a downpour.

Transportation: Sai Wan Ho MTR, Exit A. Take bus 14 and exit right after the dam. Return by bus at Wong Nai Chung Gap road.

Why it's worth it:

Map & Details:

Exercise Area: No

The bus stop to Tai Tam is right off Sai Wan Ho MTR, Exit A. About 25 minutes ride.
Ring the bell when you're on the Tai Tam dam (there's just one on the way). Stop right after the dam.

Beginning of the trek is right across the bus stop.  

It starts with a nice and gentle paved hike.

Head left right before the bridge.

Then right and down.

You'll go by this dam. There's a path going up on the other side of the walkway.

About 20m into that path, it curves to the left. Take the offshoot path to the right and get into the stream. 

Lots of places to swim if you feel like it on a warm day.

This first stream ends about 100m before the dam. There's a picnic area on the right on an elevated stone area.

After a short break (maybe a snack). Head left on the path.

Left after the dam's bridge

Follow Wong Nai Chung Gap Road

At this point, head right and down. You are going towards the second stream

Don't enter the stream on the first waterfall on the left. The stream to enter is about 10-15 minutes walk further along the path.

That's the stream you will enter, at the end of the footpath. Just don't enter it right away a go up behind the sign and you'll see the entry point to the stream a few meters up.
There's one big waterfall and a few nice pools.

This is the end of the second stream. Go up the stairs and onto the road.

You'll see the ParkView estate on your right. Walk towards it.

Just keep going on Tai Tam Reservoir Road until you reach Wong Nai Chung Gap road.
Tons of buses there going everywhere...

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